Ceiling electric heaters

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Ceiling water heaters

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Ceiling electric heaters

Similar products:

Ceiling water heaters

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Ceiling electric heaters with the ability for smart temperature control inside your space.

Reduce open space heating costs by up to 60%.

Order from 1 unit.
1-year warranty.
Ability to integrate with any interior.

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    How to create comfortable living, productive working conditions, and easy entertainment indoors?

    With the «Warm Square» heaters, you simply won’t notice the climate equipment. The best system is the one you don’t even think about…

    Key advantages of Infrared heaters from EngNova Group

    Maintains fresh and cool air

    The device provides the required comfort and warmth, leaving the air fresh and cool, does not raise dust, does not create unpleasant odors, does not dry the air, and does not create parasitic mixing.

    Suitable for humid rooms

    Devices marked «Waterproof» allow for the use of ceiling heaters even in rooms with high humidity.


    Heaters mimic the effect of sunlight and do not contain harmful ultraviolet radiation. Approved for use in children’s and medical institutions.

    Soft warmth

    Shortwave infrared radiation heats only solid surfaces, allowing the devices not to overheat the air and avoid overheating.

    Save up to 60% on heating costs

    When using infrared heaters, the solid surface is first heated, and then the air.

    Up to -60 degrees

    «Warm Square» heaters work in any region and country. They can provide warmth to any space.

    Instant temperature control

    Instant heating allows you to get the required amount of heat immediately. No need to keep the heater on constantly.

    Control from a controller

    Our controller allows you to control up to 500 panels simultaneously and adjust not only the surface heating temperature but also the temperature of the entire room.

    Exclusive direct supplies from the manufacturer

    Parameters that play a key role in choosing infrared heaters:

    Don’t know which heater to choose?

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      6 more reasons to choose infrared heaters:

      Protection from damage and corrosion

      Heaters are made of galvanized steel with polyester enamel coating at a metallurgical plant.

      Zero cost

      Heaters do not require maintenance, refueling, or checking. The only operating costs for their operation are electricity.

      Up to 25 years of service

      The service life of electric heaters is 25 years.

      Easy storage and installation

      The heater is fixed with four carbines, and the compact housing allows for convenient storage.

      Exclusive design

      Elegant thin lines, strictness, and simplicity of a flat housing (if necessary, with a designer panel «frieze») will harmoniously fit into any interior.

      Russian quality

      Heaters are certified to standards recognized worldwide.

      Get a 5% discount when purchasing 5 heaters and a 10% discount when purchasing 30 heaters.

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        We do everything for your comfort and confidence!

        6 reasons to work with us:

        Narrow specialization

        Our company deals only with heating systems, so all the attention is focused on the quality of the product.

        Reasonable prices

        Compared to competitors’ analogues.

        1-year warranty

        If a warranty case occurs, we will definitely replace everything.

        Repair and replacement

        of the product with a new one within the warranty period if there are malfunctions.

        Fast production times

        There is always a large batch of electric panels in stock, and in case of a huge order, the average production time is 2-4 weeks.

        Convenient payment

        Through an online payment form or through a bank transfer (with VAT, without VAT)

        How to get an infrared heater

        Submit an application on our website

        You submit an application through any convenient form on the website

        Order processing

        A manager calls you back and agrees on the details of the order. If you are placing an order on behalf of an organization, we will provide all the necessary documents.


        Terms, payment, and delivery

        We discuss deadlines, payment options, and delivery and complete the ordering process.

        Receiving the order

        You receive the goods and enjoy the climate solution.


        What is an "infrared heater" and how does it work?
        Infrared radiation is part of the Sun's light spectrum. It is invisible to the eye, but we feel it as warmth on our skin.

        The basic principle is that the shorter the wavelength, the easier it passes through the air. Short-wave infrared radiation creates heat by heating the surface of an object, not the air. Moreover, this heating occurs instantly. A good example is when a person steps out of the shade into the sun, they immediately feel warmth due to infrared radiation, but the temperature of the surrounding air remains the same.

        Is it dangerous? Can you get burned?
        When all safety rules are followed, heaters are completely safe for health. They simulate the effect of sunlight and correspond to the power that does not harm people, animals, and the environment.
        Where can infrared heaters be installed?
        The device can be confidently installed both indoors and outdoors, providing protection in the form of a roof or canopy from direct exposure to atmospheric precipitation. Our heaters have an IP65 protection level. This means that they are not afraid of moisture and dust.
        Are heaters suitable for use in Russian climate conditions?

        Yes, Warm "Square heaters" are specifically designed for use in Russian climate conditions.

        How can I save up to 60% on heating open spaces?

        When using convectors, oil heaters, or ceiling-mounted heaters, the air with increased temperature accumulates at the ceiling level. The elevated temperature leads to higher heat loss or, worse, forces you to open a window to get rid of stuffiness. All of this results in increased electricity consumption. When using infrared heaters, the temperature at the floor and ceiling levels is the same, and heat loss is minimized. Moreover, there are no electricity costs associated with air circulation. On average, using infrared heaters can save 30-40% of electricity.

        Does infrared heating work for residential spaces?

        The "Warm Square" heaters will effectively heat a room, as most apartments and houses have ceilings lower than 3 meters. We have equipped our heaters with temperature control for the heating surface, allowing you to easily adjust the heat output to avoid a "burning" sensation, like that of the sun.

        For a large space, is it better to use one powerful heater or several less powerful ones?
        Several less powerful heaters are preferable as they will heat the room more evenly. Additionally, if the room has a non-square, elongated shape, we always recommend using 2 or more heaters.

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